Brandon Souba is a designer based in Chicago, Illinois. He is currently a Communication Designer at Groupon. He worked previously at IA Collaborative and Mcgarrybowen for such clients as SC Johnson, Disney, Kraft, and Advil. He served as president of the AIGA Student Group at Northern Illinois University and is currently a member of the Society of Typographic Arts.

Groupon Design Union

Groupon’s design department created a unique identity to improve team morale and attract potential employees. Rather than create a single logo, a visual language was created and applied across t-shirts, notebooks, letterheads, envelopes, and welcome kits.

Caught in Your Pockets

CD Design & Typeface
Local indie duo Caught in your Pockets requested artwork for their debut album. Titled "Lose Your Cool", the artwork features one member on each side of a folded fact sheet. The name of the band was screen printed on a clear vinyl sleeve, which creates a dynamic design that allows the band to feature either member on the cover.

Ferris Bueller's 25th Anniversary

Groupon sold 10,000 tickets to a viewing of Ferris Bueller’s day off in the outfield of Wrigley Field for the 25th anniversary of the movie’s release. The visual language was influenced by vintage baseball jersey typography.

SEEK Design Conference

Poster & E-Mail
A poster and promotional e-mail were produced for Northern Illinois University’s annual design conference. The conference logo and Eddie Opara’s geometric wall coverings inspired the use of a dynamic grid, which contains the logos of all
involved agencies along with images
of select speakers.

AIGA Small Talk

Kevin Krueger of Samatamason visited Northern Illinois University to give a
design lecture to the AIGA student group.
Business card sized promotional pull flyers were designed as removable elements.
As the cards are taken, the design of the poster changes.

Chicago Housing Guide

Chicago Housing Guide produces brochures to help educate potential homeowners about the living conditions
in select Chicago neighborhoods.
Each brochure uses a different young professional to represent the individual culture of the neighborhood.

John Deere

Annual Report
John Deere has weathered the challenges while still remaining the world’s top manufacturer of agricultural and forestry equipment. The report communicates this by integrating classic and modern typography with imagery of the past and future generations of John Deere consumers.

Camp Groupon

Homepage Design & Identity
Launch Site
Camp Groupon is a custom designed weekend that lets participants explore Chicago through curated activities and events. A simple identity integrates elements of Chicago's skyline, and an immersive landing page allows users to explore the camp's unique activity tracks.

Groupon Onboarding

Groupon's onboarding process was redesigned to help deliver accurate and relevant deals to new customers. Location and deal preferences were introduced in addition to a new visual language.

Groupon Now! Weekly Digest

The Groupon Now! Weekly Digest is an
e-mail that promotes the best hand-picked local deals for each weekend. Inspired by editorial layouts, the digest features a prominent deal for each day.
This solution not only helps distinguish
the digest from other Groupon e-mails,
but also creates a hierarchical system that
is easy to parse.

Handshake: The Mobile Social Network

I developed a conceptual smart phone application for my senior thesis project. Inspired by the next generation of social networking, I created an application that connected people based on proximity and common interests.

Caught in Your Pockets

Chicago duo Caught in your Pockets requested a design that reflects their indie-pop qualities. Custom typography was designed using a grid and circular shapes, which aims to communicate their unique yet positive sound.